Is "downgrade" or "return" possible?

I am considering buying Devonthink Server but downgrading to/returning for DS Devonthink Pro if I don’t need the extras. The current trial version I am using does not really give me an experience of the server. I cannot even seem to merge documents in the trial version.

The trial includes actually all features. The web server can be enabled via Preferences > Server.

Thanks! Is there a downgrade option though if you purchase Devonthink server and want to downgrade later? Or the ability to “return” the product/software within a certain time frame?

You have 14 days to get a refund from our Sales department.

Thanks! Do you know how i can merge documents in the trial version? I followed the instructions to select “Data” then “merge”, but I don’t have a “merge” option in when I select “data” from the menu

Merging is no different in the trial than in the licensed version.
The Merge command is in the Tools menu. Where are you seeing it referred to being in the Data menu?

In the tutorials that came with the trial download. Here’s the copy paste

Merge Documents

If you need to merge some documents in DEVONthink, select all the documents you want to concatenate and choose Data > Merge from the main menu. Alternatively there’s also a contextual menu command for it.

Before you do so, here are a few things to consider:

  • Merging text documents yields a finished RTF file, preserving the formatting in each document.
  • Merging documents of with a mix of text and images yields an RTFD file.
  • Merging a selection of PDFs yields a PDF file.
  • Merging a selection of images also yields a PDF file.

Merging documents is dependent on the current sort method of the current group you’re working in. Regardless of the sort method, the files will be

Can you post a screen capture of where you copied this from?

Thanks! That’s an old archived tutorial. We’ll look into it.

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