is DT designed to sync more than one Mac over dropbox?

I’m new to DT and am not clear on the issue as to whether DT is designed to sync more than one Mac over dropbox. I’ve uncovered discussion of a “sync plugin” that is supposed to address this issue and can’t tell if it is out of beta. Presumably it is part of DT by now and I wonder if I need do anything to configure or activate it.

I also read where one should import the database every time one switches computers rather than synchronizing. This works but it isn’t really synchronizing, but rather copying the entire database every time. Doesn’t seem too practical.

I like the DT product and love the idea of DT. I just have had repeated problems trying to sync the two Macs over dropbox.

I’m successfully syncing two Macs via Dropbox. The setup procedure is as follows:

On the origin computer:

Make sure the Dropbox software is installed and configured with your account.

Open the database you want to sync.

DevonThinkPro -> Preferences -> Sync tab. All your open databases will appear in the first pane. Select the one you want to sync.

In the second pane, set the synchronization times.

In the third pane, set the sync destination. This will be your Dropbox account. Double check the sync times after you do this, as the settings sometimes don’t seem to “take.”

(The first time you do this, Dropbox will ask if DTP is allowed to use your account. Say yes, obviously.)

Click the button to “Sync Now,” and wait for it to finish.

On the destination computer:

Make sure the Dropbox software is installed and configured to access the same account.

Go to the Sync tab and click Import Database. DTP will offer you first the chance to select your Dropbox account, then ask which database you want. The selected database will then appear in pane 1.

Proceed as above.

The first sync will take some time because DTP has to upload, then download, a complete copy of the database. After that, it will only need to copy the things that have changed.

From here on out, the sync should be pretty seamless. Always make sure that it’s completed before you shut down the computer you’re using.


Thank you so much for your helpful reply. Now I know that DT can work on two Macs, I will press on.

I had followed the steps you suggest and then ran into sync problems. My inelegant solution was that I created new databases and uploaded them. Now everything seems to be working. Prior to that I had tried verify & repair, rebuild, and even cleaning out dropbox.

(Note to future reader: all of the former are performed within DT. The cleanout procedure is done via the preferences pane, sync window, using the little gear icon under the database location to be initiated when the database of interest is selected.)

Does “more than one” mean you want to sync two computers – or does it mean the original plus more than one additional – i.e., “three or more”?

Two is enough. Just curious – does 3 throw a wrench into things?

Nope. Just parsing the OP to be sure there wasn’t another scenario.