Is DTPO 1.5.2 scan feature compliant with HP ScanPro?

I am not sure this the right place to post my question but was not able to find a better one. Sorry :confused:

I am a registered user of DTP (+DA) and I am equipped with an All-in-one HP 3210 printer/scanner. This equipment comes with the HP ScanPro software wich, as far as I know, supports the TWAIN technology.
So far, I have never been able to upgrade to DTPO because it did not support TWAIN equipments (or, another way of saying, TWAIN equipments did not rely on Image Capture of MAC OS).
I read recently about the new version of DTPO:

" What’s New in this Version

  • NEW: Scan module completely replaced by ExactScan Capture, effectively restoring and extending DEVONthink Pro Office’s scan abilities. The new module does not depend on Image Capture any more and works with most flatbed and auto-feeder scanners that provide a TWAIN interface."

It seems that the former limitations have been removed and I would like to know if I can now consider the upgrade to DTPO seriously and without concern of compatibility with my 3 years old HP printer/scanner.
Advices are welcome.

We haven’t tested it with the HP scanner you’re using, so I’d simply recommend that you try it.

Thank you, Eric.
Assuming I could download a trial version of DTPO for testing purpose and assuming I have already a registered DTP version running on my machine, do I have the chance to install DTPO without uninstalling DTP and having both installed in my Application folder?
Any advice, welcome.

Yes, no problem. Just start them manually, not by double-clicking the database package, so that you’re sure the right one is opened.

I’ve just bought an HP C4280 all-in-one and am a DTPO user. From my initial try just now, it doesn’t seem to work with it.

The ExtractScan Capture window gets stuck on “Initializing scanner” and nothing happens :frowning:

In the ExtractScan settings, on the Basic Settings tab, the default DPI is set to a whopping 786432dpi, and I can’t seem to reduce that.

When I tick the “Use scanner’s own interface” ExtractScan tells me “Scanner not Ready - the driver has not been recognized a compatible device. Please make sure the scanner is connected and not used by another application” (it isn’t).

Oh well! HP aren’t known for the quality of their Mac drivers…

Taran, there’s a glitch in ExactScan Capture. Leopard is putting up a hidden dialog that requires user acknowledgment, but the user can’t respond.

Try again. If ExactScan Capture freezes, use Force Quit on it (in the menu bar, Apple > Force Quit).

In DT Pro Office, invoke File > Document (from scanner). You may need to Force Quit once more. But you should be able to get ExactScan working. Whether your HP scanner model is really TWAIN-compliant under Leopard is a question I can’t answer, though.

Thanks for the tip Bill, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the HP C4280 doesn’t work with ExactScan either.

HP Scan Pro opens up with ExactScan, and appears to be set up to “Scan to: ExactScan Capture” with the ‘Accept’ button next to it. Clicking ‘accept’ in HP Pro Scan does nothing at all. Clicking “Scan” in ExactScan with the “Use Scanner’s own interface” box checked causes an “Unexpected scanner error. Please report” error.

I blame HP! The scanner doesn’t even work with Image Capture…

I might think about getting a ScanSnap.