Is Evernote import incremental?

I’m currently playing around with different ways to get info from my iPad into DTPO that I’ve read on these forums (including indexing a Dropbox folder; using an email rule running in Mail on a Mac; syncing or importing from Evernote, and using DEVONthink To Go). There’s one question I haven’t been able to locate an answer, to, though.

Does DTPO’s Evernote import functionality, or the third-party Evernote scripts, allow for incremental Evernote imports? In other words, if I want a fairly automated system, do I need to clean out my Evernote inbox occasionally, to remove items that I’ve already imported into DTPO, or will only new Evernote items be imported? Hopefully this makes sense.

I thought I’d post back with some info on my workflow for getting info into DTPO when away from my main computer. As best I can tell, the Everntoe import will import entirety of all my notes in Evernote again (I didn’t want to screw up my database, so didn’t follow through with the final step to test it).

What I did instead on my iPad was buy DEVONthink ToGo, despite the reviews. For now, I’m only using it as a capture tool - I’ll expand my usage if the upcoming update is as good as it sounds. I use the HTML bookmarklet in mobile Safari, which launches DTTG and captures the page. Sometimes, I instead will use another iPad app, PDF Converter, which converts web pages into PDF’s. It is a bit slow, but then I can use the “Open in” option to open the PDF in DTTG. With either process, I think sync to the desktop app, and process the web page from my global inbox.

This is probably basic stuff for the experienced users here, and there are probably many better ways, but I thought I’d share for other beginners who are getting started.

Question to the support staff : will you allow to synchronize Evernote Notes without importing everything again? I have nearly 10000 notes in Evernote (5 GB), and i would like to switch porgressivly to Devonthink, but it should be possible to work with both databases at the same time for some weeks?