Is Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 compatible with DEVONthink Pro Off


Do you foresee any compatibility problems between the new Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 and DEVONthink Pro Office? Will DEVONtechnologies have to update their auto-configuration plugin in order for the new scanner to work? Or does the auto-configuration plugin work independently of the ScanSnap driver for Mac?

I recognize that the S1500 has ONLY just appeared in stores and given its newness, DEVONtechnologies probably hasn’t even tried one yet. But if the auto-configuration plugin’s functionality isn’t affected by a new ScanSnap driver (assuming the S1500 has a newer version of the driver than the S510M’s) then perhaps DEVONtechnologies can theorize about S1500 support.

I have the S1500 in my shopping cart at and would prefer to buy the latest edition rather than the older S510M. A plaintive “Oh dear God No!!!” from someone here would go a long way toward persuading me to get the older model instead. I’m just THAT easy. Ha!

Many thanks!

The scanner model is not important, it’s the version of the ScanSnap Manager software that may cause problems for our automatic setup (since Fujitsu never bothers to notify us of changes).
But even if that doesn’t work, you can always set it up by hand, our setup is just a convenient way to save you some time.

Woohoo! Thank-you VERY much for your quick response! You rock! Hard!

I’m off to pull the trigger on the CDW order. I’ll let you know how it goes!


I just picked up an S1500m and have been using it for a couple hours now. When I restarted DTPro it noticed that I had installed the Scansnap software and prompted to install the plugin. A restart of the Scansnap Manager and I had a DT option in my scan-to choices.

You mentioned S1500, make sure you get the S1500M. The S1500 is for Windows, the S1500M is for Mac (wasn’t sure if it was a typo or not). I just picked it up for $419 plus shipping from Newegg, which was cheaper than the S510M.

So far I love it. Had a flatbed before. The built-in settings for OCR and auto settings for scanning are the perfect balance between quality and filesize that I never could seem to achieve using my flatbed scanner, Vuescan, and Acrobat.

I don’t know what the built-in Scansnap uses for OCR, but there is a “Send to OCR” utility that uses Abbyy FineReader. I think the built-in PDF/OCR tool is either different that Abbyy, or else it’s been integrated differently. The pop-up window isn’t the same, Abbyy is slower, it makes the text near unreadable (blurs the letters). Default settings are crap and it’s not worth messing with.

FWIW, I’ve not seen a single bit of Abbyy (that I know for sure is Abbyy) that has impressed me, either in DT Pro or in Scansnap now. I was kind of disappointed in Abbyy and that I was having to Batch OCR my files with Acrobat, but I don’t even care now because the S1500M is excellent and I don’t have to mess with any of that.

My only gripe is the windows that popup when the S1500M is doing it’s “thing”. Always right in the middle of the screen, always steals focus.