Is Hebrew OCR supported?

I was skimming through the manual (VERSION 2.3.4), and came across this statement on page 129:

On the very next page, however, it says:

Which is correct?

Hebrew is not available under our license with ABBYY. To include it and Arabic and Asian languages would require a significant price increase for DEVONthink Pro Office.

The complete list of supported languages is listed in Preferences > OCR under the “Available” header.

Is it possible to buy the Hebrew OCR option ??
I’m willing to pay to you or to ABBYY…



I have the same question: How can I get (buy) Hebrew OCR?

That would be directly from ABBYY.

I would like to see a more active response, than to merely refer users to ABBYY. Devonthink could either negiotae an upgrade fee, or convince ABBYY that offering one would make sense. Individual users cannot.

Sorry, but we can’t dictate ABBYY’s policies on what they license to us. We can suggest, as all Users can suggest, but we can’t make them provide things. Sorry.

Of course you cannot dictate.
But you can suggest.
You negotiate on the limited edition or don’t you?
So why not suggest something for those users who look beyond the West?

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We have suggested. And attempted to negotiate. :slight_smile:

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We are not purchasing a “lite edition”. We are purchasing what ABBYY licenses for integration into OS X apps. It is their decision what features to include or exclude (bearing in mind that they have their own standalone software for sale).

Note that while Fujitsu includes a copy of ABBY FineReader with ScanSnap scanners, and it provides some Asian languages, Arabic and Hebrew, it will not perform OCR on images that were not created by the ScanSnap scanner.

The ABBYY OCR module included in DEVONthink Pro Office will OCR images from any source, provided the resolution is high enough for text recognition.

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Ah, thanks, good to know.

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That is interesting and useful information, thanks once more.

Q. If I buy the full Abbyy FineReader OCR pro from Abbyy… for Hebrew OCR. is there a way to integrate it with DEVONthink? what about IRIS 15 ?


Abby Finereader integrates fine with DT

[url]ABBYY Finereader Pro v12]


Is it possible to integrate other OCR software with the new DT3 ? like Readiris or full version of Abbyy?

You can’t integrate other OCR engines but you could of course perform OCR in other apps and import the results (or use AppleScript to automate this).