Is help up to date?

Is your help up to date? For example, I see this:

But if I go into Preferences, there is no “Notes” subcategory. I also cannot find a “Classify” button for the life of me!

--Marc Bizer


No, DT Help is not up to date. :slight_smile:

You can experiment with Auto Classify by [1] selecting multiple notes that haven’t been classified; [2] going to the menu bar and selecting Data > Auto Classify.

DT will “think” about the characteristics of the groups in existence (especially, contextual patterns of the items in the groups) and – if it can recognize similarities – move items into appropriate groups. A log pane will pop up that identifies items for which it couldn’t make “appropriate” location decisions. Those items will remain untouched.


Display an existing note (I usually use the Vertical Split view). At the bottom right of the text window you will see the Classify button. Click on it, and DEVONthink will (perhaps after a pause) display a pane to the right of the text window, listing possible group locations for that note. If the top suggestion is highlighted (and you agree with the suggestion), click on the Move button to relocate the note. Otherwise, you may highlight one or more groups and click on the Move button to relocate the note. Or, not. It’s up to you.

DT’s ability to make classification decisions increases as the database grows, and the contextual patterns of group classifications become more well defined.

Hope this helps.

In general, I prefer not to rely on machines for classification. Is there no way to assign user-created keywords to notes? Even iPhoto gives that possibility :frowning:

Actually, the neat thing about the Classify button suggestions is that it provides human interaction with the “machine”. My experience is that DT’s suggestions become more helpful over time, as the database grows and DT “learns” the user’s classification scheme. With almost 800 groupings in my database, I don’t at all mind machine assistance – I’ll take any help I can get. :slight_smile:

User-assigned keywords can be entered into the item’s Info Comment field. The Search tool allows one to limit searches to the Comment field, so this is a realistic means of tagging items by the user.

Something I recently discovered that has been helpful in some situations is you can select more than one folder from the Classify sidebar and click Move. The original is moved to one folder and replicated to the others.


A couple of days ago, I have put a brand-new DEVONwiki online (not that public yet), pre-filled with the current DEVONthink documentation. … /Main_Page

So, we would like to invite anyone to contribute to this, make corrections or modifications (please register to make modification tracking easier).

The plan is to use the wiki as a tutorial/guide with tips & tricks, troubleshooting tips, usage scenarios an the like – a “knowledge base”. Besides that, we’re preparing a PDF reference guide with menu command definitions etc.

We are so proud of our great user community that we think a collaborative approach to a tutorial just matches our style :smiley:



I want to edit the first line - no link available, so:

“This is the place where a complete and networked wiki around DEVONthink and DEVONagent will evolve. Everyone is invited to help create this powerful resource for all users of DEVONapplications, to complement the provided PDF documentation and the user forum.”

Thank you! Just register as a user, at least then an “Edit” tab should appear at the top of the page.



I’ve just been adding some material to the Wiki describing the toolbar and its options and I went to add a reference to the main page but I see that you have it locked. That’s Ok but could I suggest that you add a Reference section and a Resources section that we can edit and add top level references to items to?

Further thought! It might be a good idea to add a Wiki-specific forum as well?

Great, thank you!

I have just unlocked the main page. I did this only to protect the FAQ sections containing information about licensing etc., but I can as well simply lock them individually. Please, go ahead.



I also thought about this. Done. You’ll find the new wiki forum in the top level category Documentation.