Is is safe to relocate DT databases?

I recently discovered that my DT databases have been moved to /Users/Shared/Previously Relocated Items/Security/Devonthink - which is outside my home folder where they used to be.

This occurred after upgrading to Big Sur. Is it SAFE for me to move these items back to my home folder where I need them to be?

I’m mystified as to why data files needed to be moved. What considerations need to be made?

Where did you have them located previously?

The databases were in my home folder contained within a directory named /Databases which is now empty except for a file named “Icon?”.

I am mystified as well. Quit DEVONthink and yes, you should move them to the Databases folder in your Home directory.

Thanks, Jim. The move was instant and painless. And quite remarkably, DT fired up in record time and I’ve picked up where I left off. A simple check of each of the database properties clearly show they’re back in their correct location.

Weird. Thanks for the prompt response :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and I’m glad to hear it’s working as expected!