Is it correct that delete a stand-alone index file does not delete the file in Finder?

Just want to confirm my observation/understanding.
Is it correct that if I only index a single file from Finder into DT, deleting the index file from DT does not affect the file in Finder at all? That’s what I observed from tests.

Thanks a lot!

Actually an alert should be displayed (if not suppressed) offering various options.

I don’t see an alert for a stand-alone index file. I’ll check my setting. Thanks.

Is an enclosing folder of this file indexed to one of the opened databases?

No. Just a stand-alone file in desktop. Just checking some of my script and come across this.
I did not delete the file by script, I did it manually.

Moving to the trash doesn’t show the alert but emptying the trash should. You could try to reset the warnings (see Preferences > General).

My original settings:

I unchecked the “Enable reminder alarms”, close and re-open DT, enable the option, then close and reopen DT. Receive no warning. I index a test folder, same situation. Perhaps I need to sent a support ticket.

Did you try Preferences > General > Alerts > Reset? Is your desktop synchronized via iCloud Drive?

I don’t see this “Alerts>Reset” option in DT preferences?

See your screenshot, right above Check for Updates.

I’m blind…! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Update: After reset the Alerts, I receive the correct warning message to only delete the stand-alone file in DT or to also delete the file in Finder.

Thank you very much.

To understand it better: Using Move to Trash (the normal function to take an item out if normal use) keeps the indexed in place in the filesystem and just removes it from normal view in DEVONthink right? Only Emptying the DEVONthink Trash takes the indexed file from its place in the filesystem away, correct?

That’s right.

Thanks Christian.

Where do indexed files go when I empty the DEVONthink trash. In the OS trash?

They’re moved to the Finder’s trash if the volume supports the trash, e.g. network volumes usually don’t.

Thanks. That explains it fully. :slight_smile:

In my case the reset option is not active and I don’t get any prompts


Check out the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing > Indexign and the filesystem about behavior when deleting files.

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