Is it destructive to remove tags?

I made the mistake of trying out the application “Doo”, which added a bunch of really stupid OpenMeta tags to my collection of PDFs. The folder of PDFs is indexed by DevonThink, so DevonThink now has a tags that I just don’t want (e.g., “?Of”). However, when I remove a tag, I find the PDFs upon which it had been inflicted go into the trash. From doing a Get Info, it doesn’t look like they have duplicates or replicants elsewhere, so it seems like the files have been removed from my DT database.

Surely, I am missing something. Does removing a tag really remove files it had been attached to? If so, am I stuck with these stupid tags forever?

Thanks for the help?

Tagges files have what are essentially Replicants created in the Tag Groups. They are not listed as Replicants (to avoid confusion for the User - especially those who are heavy Taggers) but that’s what they are. Deleting the Tag Groups should only “delete the Replicants” in the Tag Groups.