Is it DT or me?

Good Day!

Whenever I attempt to nest a new folder into an existing folder, the new one ends up somewhere else in the item list and not in the folder I selected.

Here’s what I’ve always done with never a problem until now: I select the folder into which I want the new untitled folder to nest in. I then go up to the toolbar and click on the folder icon entitled “Group.” In the past the new folder would correctly appear in the folder I selected. But ever since the version update, this new folder ends up somewhere else in the item list (never in the same place), which makes it difficult to locate, particularly in a large dbase with several folders. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a pref setting I’ve overlooked? Or is it simply a bug of some sort? This does not happen with new docs, just new folders.

Also, one other minor question. Can I create a checkbox next to text in a doc similar to what can be done in the item list (by selecting “State>Show” in the contextual menu)?

Thank you.


I’ve experienced the same issue too … and it’s very annoying, especially as my database now contains around 50,000 documents over 42 million words, and over 3,700 groups!


Actually, the performance for adding new groups is an improvement, and was modified in response to user requests.

Do this to make it work for you:

Select a group. In Three-Panes view, click in the Names list panel (even though it might be empty) to change focus.

Now add a new group. It will be added as a subgroup.

Want to add a subgroup inside the empty new subgroup? Click on the new subgroup, click in the Names pane and add another group.

Otherwise, just keep adding new groups one after the other.

In Vertical Split and other views it’s slightly different. But if you experiment you will find easy and consistent ways to add groups inside an existing group. If it already contains subgroups, just click on the black triangle, select a subgroup and start adding groups. If it’s an empty group, you many need to drag a newly created group inside it. Then click on the triangle, etc.

This behavior corrects some previous inconsistencies in the “flow” of adding a number of empty groups.

Actually, this is one of those counter-intuitive areas of DT.

It’s easy to find a workaround, of course, but the problem is this:

In the 3-pane view, if you select a group in the tree/groups pane, then right/cmd-click and choose New->Plain Text/Note/etc, it creates a new record inside the select group.

However, if you choose New->Group, the group is created in the parent of the group you selected.

This is inconsistent, though I’ve gotten used to it. The problem that keone is experiencing sounds exactly the same, only using the toolbar instead of the context menu.

It is probably ‘by design’, ergo not a true bug, but the behavior should be made consistent so that anything created when a group is selected – whether record, replicant, duplicate, sheet, or group [and of course these are all just records ;)] – is stored in the group.

I think it’s a bug. A usability bug. For me it is very annoying, too. And
switching the view is not a workaround, because these views are not

If I have selected a folder and use the context(!) menu “New Group” I would expect the new group to be a subgroup of this one. And I expect no difference
between using the context menu and using the toolbar.

This bug plus the not working default folder for new items are the two
things that make daily work with this application quite complicated.

It would really be great to customize this behaviour.

What kind of inconsistencies in the “flow” of adding a number
of empty groups do you mean?

Thank you for all your replies. I tend to agree that this new method of creating sub-groups does seem counterintuitive. And I’m still a bit confused by Bill’s explanation as to why it was changed. Having said that, however, I have followed Bill’s advice and now create new sub-groups by first selecting an existing sub-group, and then clicking on “Group” in the toolbar or in the contextual menu. It works fine. So, thank you Bill!

Now, as to my second minor question that got lost in the larger exchange: Does anybody know how to create a checkmark box in a document? I already know how to do it in the group list by using the contextual menu STATE>SHOW, and want to do something similar within a document itself.

Thanks again.

One way to use check boxes in documents is to use the Characters Palette. You should be able to find both checked and unchecked characters to insert.