Is it OK to change the name of inboxes?

My inboxes are unified, so I have a main inbox containing inboxes which correspond to different databases. Is it OK to change the name of those inboxes or will it mess up DT ?
thank you

A screen capture of this could be helpful.

My nomenclature may be wrong.

Here is my unified global inbox database

It contains 3 inboxes corresponding to 3 databases
1 inbox ie the inbox of the global inbox
2 … master: inbox of the …master database
3 Temp: inbox of the Temp databases

my question is whether I can change the name of the 3 above just to make writing smart rules easier to read.

Example: I would change Temp to Temp Inbox, Inbox to Inbox - Global Inbox etc

thanks very much

Yes you can safely rename the Inboxes in the Globals section of the Navigate sidebar.

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thanks very much !