Is it possible to buy DTTG with an apple gift card

I belong to an apple household, and I’ rather not put it on her credit card at the moment. I’m kind of new to the ios thing, after a long absence, so I’m kind of unsure how an app with in app purchases fits into the whole gift card thing.

To the best of my knowledge, anything charged to your iTunes account will be charged to your iTunes account balance (ie any gift card you have credited) if you have one, and the credit card associated with the account if you have no balance. I’m not going to promise that, but it is the way it works for me and mine (I’m in Europe, assuming that makes no difference though)

I think I needed to have the “allow this person to approve purchases” checkbox checked. It then successfully debited from my gift card balance. crisis averted.

I hope the pro in app purchase will also debnbit from my balance.