Is it possible to create bulleted or numbered lists in formatted notes?

I’ve recently started using DT after migrating from Evernote. I cannot figure out how to create bulleted lists in a formatted note.

It’s obviously possible. Various notes imported from Evernote display either bulleted or numbered lists. If edited, the sequence seems to carry on. Furthermore, I can open a note in a text editor and do this via HTML code and it renders correctly back in DT.

If there is a UI element for this in DT could you please let me know where it is because I haven’t been able to find it.


External text editor is my solution for features not supported by the DT editor
I usually have to look up the code at W3 Schools

it renders correctly back in DT

Sometimes complex code causes render problems in DTTG (IOS)

Yeah an external editor is an option. It seems a bit strange to me that there are tools to do this for rich text notes but not for formatted notes.