Is it possible to fix these highlights?

Hello! I just installed DEVONthink yesterday. For a bit of context, I’m using in on my M1 MacBookPro + “To Go” on my iPad. Everything has been going quite well until I synced highlights from my iPad to my Mac this morning. I’m using iCloud CloudKit for my syncing.

The highlights are showing up as attached. I’ve tried removing highlights and adding them again but still see the same characters instead of words. Any ideas? Is there some way to resolve this?

Note: Now new highlights - highlights made on the computer on doing the same thing.

Welcome @monica.rysavy

I suggest you use Data > Convert > to Plain Text and examine the resulting file to see what’s in the text layer of the PDF.

Thank you! Just tried that - should I see the file in DT or somewhere else? I.E. I chose the menu option, but don’t see anything happen?

There should be a plain text file in the same group as the PDF.
Is anything reported in Window > Log?

Yes, a “not converted” message? Note: I’ve also tried opening the PDF and running OCR on it again and importing that file, same result.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please attach the PDF file in the ticket. Thanks.

Ahh… I see you opened a ticket. Could you send me the PDF in that ticket?

Got it, thank you! Submitted. :slight_smile: Appreciate your help!

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

I just sent the PDF as an attachment - hopefully it makes it through!

Got it. Thanks!