Is it possible to get a bigger document (for Word docs) to read in the reviewing window?

Reading and annotating a bunch of imported Word documents on screen, but they’re awfully small. Like the whole thing is cramped over to the left side of the screen. PDF’s seem to zoom-to-fit, but not MS Word docs.

DEVONthink uses Apple’s QuickLook mechanism to display such formats. Word documents are proprietary and not editable. Can you clarify what you’re describing?

See screenshot. About ⅔ of the window is blank.

Where did this file originate?

Can you ZIP and post it?

You could try the alternate display which is zoomable.

This is my gripe too, I cant zoom DOCX files-only option is to click on “alternative view”-even this -wish we could put it as default when viewing DOCX files.

Thanks. What “alternate display?”

View > Document Display > …