Is it possible to have groups sorted in the Devonthink menu bar as in the "full app"

Hi, I have my groups currently sorted by date added in the application, but when I go to Devonthink in my menu bar they are still sorted by name. Is it possible to have them both sorted by date added?

Sorry but no, you can’t modify the sort method there. It’s the first request I recall. Development will have to assess the feasibility and the broader appeal of the request.

Thanks, Bluefrog. Fingers crossed. I use this particular database for work dockets, so it’s a bit arduous to get to the current docket.

I would suggest you add your docket groups to the Favorites section of the Navigate sidebar. You can manually sort that section and the order is reflected in the Sorter as well.

I have them there, though I appreciate your suggestion! Thank you. I have just been mucking with the menubar and found it a very quick way to reach Devonthink.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: