Is it possible to incrementally export to files and folders


I’m keen to export certain groups within a database to a portable drive. However the group is something that would constantly evolve in terms of content and structure. Is it possible using the ‘Export to files and folders’ option to incrementally sync the group with the drive. At the moment each time I do a new export a new folder is created for the group on the drive rather than syncing any changes.

If this won’t work are there any other options for syncing the groups to files/folders on another drive in this way?


It’s not possible to export the groups without re-exporting the content.

If you wanted to convert the groups to indexed groups, you could…

  1. Create a parent folder in the Finder where the groups will be located. It is important this is a static location and you don’t rename it.
  2. Command-Option drag the folder from the finder into your database to create an indexed group.
  3. Move the groups you want to index into this indexed group. You could also replicate the groups by Command-Option dragging and dropping them into the indexed group, but note the replicated groups will both be indexed…
  4. Right-click the indexed group and choose Move to External Folder. The contents of the groups in the indexed group will be moved into the Finder folder and be indexed. Subsequent additions to the groups in DEVONthink can be pushed to the Finder with the same command.

This is easy to test with a bit of data to see how it works.