Is it possible to limit the search to sites


I would really like to limit some of my s :confused: earches to sites at universities, i.e. to sites. I think that this must be possible using a search set but I can’t see how.

The problem is that I don’t want to just search Harvard and Oxford but also UCLA, Berkeley etc. so entering each site individually is not a good solution.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks from Bonn

One possibility is to create one or more dedicated plugins (just select File > New Plugin… and set the URL to .edu or Finally, to use multiple plugins at once, create a new search set and enable all of them in the “Plugins” tab.


You folks are incredible!

I doubt that I would have ever found out that this function was under “plugins”.


I did exactly as advised and tried to restrict to .at domains but got .de, .ch, .com and .at sites?

I duplicated the deep web search set and checked my .at-restriction plugin

Maybe i’m missing something.

Thanks Thomas

The .at restriction is only applied to the plugin and its search results but your search set is probably following links and the restriction is not applied to these links anymore.

Therefore I’d suggest to disable following of links and to increase the number of plugin results instead.

OK, I understand. Thanks.
Which search engines is the plugin using. Is it only Google and Bing?

At least at the moment.