Is it possible to make Deeplinks in DTTG?

I use DTTG more than DT3 on my ipad. I can’t find a way to get a deep link. For some reason, my mind has registered that this used to be possible. Is there a way to do it, or is my brain confusing the Mac with the ipad?


I may be confused about the definition of “deeplinks”
but I can copy a note link (x-devonthink-item://D0A20D13-B225-413D-A22F-0E6ED8D72C77)
and use it to access notes
The link works within Devonthink, and from external appa

Yes, please clarify your term. Deep link is not a term we use or have in our documentation.

”Note link”, “paragraph link”, or whatever other term appears in the Mac versions. Thanks.

And what I’m trying to ask is if these links can be generated from within DTTG, not from the Mac DT3 and then open on the ipad.

Yes, you can copy item links in DEVONthink To Go.
It’s available in the Share menu as well as the contextual menu.

However, you can’t get a paragraph item link in DEVONthink To Go.

Ok. Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile:

Indeed. You’re welcome.