Is it possible to move an indexed folder into a database?

I’m trying to move indexed folders into my database. Is there an easy way to do this? I can see that I can move the individual files in but I’m not having much success finding how to do it at the folder/group level.

Thanks in advance.

Given that for DT files in the Finder and documents in its database are kind of equivalent and folders (finder)/groups (DT) are not: I don’t think that that’s possible. But why not select all files in a folder and import them at once?

You’re aware that DT does not move files but copies them? After which they’ll still be in their original place, albeit also in DT.

If you select “move into database” from one indexed folder, files and folders are actually moved.


Thanks. I should’ve checked before – not using indexing myself.


As the command “Move Into Database” works in the item pane and not in the left most pane you have to have the View mode “Show Only Documents” deactivated to get access to all folders (including indexed ones) in the item pane. Then you can move them with all their content in place into the database by either right-clicking or the Data menu item.

Thanks all