Is it possible to move my default database to my external hard drive?

Hello all, and sorry in advance if this was already asked or answered and I missed it searching. I have tried to move what I think would be considered my Global Inbox to my external hard drive without any luck. In short, each attempt I’ve made allows me to open my moved database, but it becomes a secondary database in DT. I’ve tried reinstalling DT to my external, but even then, it seems to install the Inbox to the computer’s internal drive.

I love the simplicity of having that “one place to drop everything new,” with subfolders inside that. I liked that I could easily sync everything to all of my devices, too. But then, at no fault to DEVONthink, I noticed my Mac mini (2018 with the smaller internal HD size) was running a little low. Not only because of DT, but from other apps as well.

So I think what I want to know is, are we able to move DT to work entirely on an external drive? Or, even to move the Inbox to another location? Alternatively, should I be looking at this another way?

It is not advisable to move the Global Inbox from it’s location.

Separate databases are advocated and they can be put onto external hard drives (flash/thumb drives are not advocated. Putting them on an NAS is possible too but we don’t suggest this either).

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Understood, thank’s @BLUEFROG :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

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