Is it possible to purge content of indexed items in a database?

Is there a way to purge the uploaded contents of indexed items in a database? I indexed a folder with a handful of video files a few moments ago, realized I had the “Synchronize content of indexed items” option enabled in the sync prefs in DTP3, then disabled/un-checked the “Synchronize content of indexed items” option, cancelled the file upload by clicking the “X”, and resynchronized.

I’m noticing that some of those video files (though, not all of them) are allowing me to download them to my other devices like iOS, other macs, etc. I’m guessing it’s because a few of those video files were able to successfully upload to my sync location before I cancelled the upload and changed my preference in DTP3’s sync settings.

Is there a way to manually tell DTP3 to purge the contents of a certain indexed group from a sync location? Or do I need to manually delete that indexed group (only from my database, of course), empty the trash, then choose “Index Files and Folders…” again and reindex that folder/group?

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!

There may be a way to selectively prune a sync location, but I’m not aware of it and don’t find anything in the DEVONthink Handbook. Maybe you can. Take a look.

What I would do in this situation is bite the bullet and “clean” the sync location and start again. I’d put those video files that are indexed into a new dedicated database and turn off all syncing of indexed items. By segregating video files into a new database makes it possible to sync indexed items in the original database (if wanted).

Of course, others may have other ideas.

No it is not possible to selectively clean parts of a database’s sync data.

Don’t disable syncing the indexed contents if DEVONthink To Go is involved. If you disable it, you’ll never have any indexed contents downloadable.

Thanks @rmschne and @BLUEFROG.

Wouldn’t deleting the indexed group/folder(s) in the DT database only, emptying DT’s trash, and re-indexing those files/folders again in DT do the trick?

If you’re deleting the indexed parent group, then yes, you should be prompted to choose where to remove the data, eg., Only in Database. However, that wasn’t clear from your description and without the benefits of screencaps :wink:

But again, I wouldn’t disable syncing indexed contents if you’re using DEVONthink To Go in the syncing anywhere.

Makes sense, thanks.

I’m just now getting into indexing files (still a DT noob) and I think I may fall into a unique category.

I’m a video editor by trade and have lots of project folders that can easily get up to 1TB or more. Not all of them are like that, but it’s not uncommon.

I like the idea of having one place to search for stuff inside DT, but obviously don’t want TBs of raw video files getting uploaded to my sync store, effectively doubling my storage needs (originals stored on my NAS and other local drives, and sync data stored on my sync store or choice.)

I’m obsessive about my file naming and folder organization in my project folders, so being able to search file and folder names is ample information.

So for me, just having the reference that that file exists at whatever location is useful. I also store a lot of stuff on a NAS that all my macs have access to at the same file path, so it makes it easy to have access from wherever I’m at (macOS.) Also having DT deep links to folders and files is handy (I also use Hook for this, but have been playing with both.)

I don’t need access or download-ability to my iOS devices for these files, so a mere reference is fine for my workflow. One handy thing is (if I understand correctly) I can add metadata to indexed files, etc. from iOS. Adding a quick tag or label to indexed files via iOS can be handy too.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m unique in how I’m using this, but DT’s flexibility allows my weirdness. :slight_smile: