Is it possible to show custom fields in some groups and not others?

I’m working on setting up the hierarchy of how I organize my law school content. I like to use custom fields & the label field because it’s visually easy for me to keep things organized. My label field serves as a status field and that’s fine being across my entire DT system. Custom fields, however, tend to be rather context specific. For example, in my Law school group, I have levels (first year, second year, and so on). I also have instructors. But I don’t need to see these custom fields in other groups in DT outside of the Law School Group.

Including a screenshot of what it looks like in my Law School group.

I think that the solution here is to have separate databases; i.e. when there’s a fair amount of distinction between the need for different custom metadata fields, then perhaps I need to separate the databases. I created a new Law School Database as a test and see that I can turn on/off the :balance_scale: Level (my year in law school custom field) in the Law School database and that doesn’t impact the custom fields displaying in my other database (presently main database).

Is my thinking correct here? Any suggestions on how to do this in a better way? Are there any issues with having potentially many databases in DT? I sync using Bonjour exclusively these days. Thank you!

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Each database and global smart group/rule uses its own setup for the list columns but groups don’t.

Christian, I always wanted to post this feature request:
option to save layouts of groups or search results (icon/list/colum/cover flow, visible columns, sort order et al.) and an option to apply these saved layouts to a group or search result list. This would be so helpful!

EDIT: posted this as a feature request here


I use an Applescript to assist with processing Inbox entries
It deals with tagging, and custom fields for groups
For example,
. Type-Receipt entries get Date, Vendor, Amount and Budget-Category tags
. Type-Task entries get Status, Due-Date, Priority, Duration tags
I use Smart Groups to view these groups