Is it possible to use PDF documents that have been converted to text readable outside of Devonthink

I convert all of my scanned PDF documents into text readable documents in Devonthink. It works fantastic.

I can search for whatever I want and it takes me directly to wear those words are in the document as expected.

But if I pull that document out, it no longer appears to be searchable in a PDF program like Skim.

Is there any way to make the PDFs available outside of Devonthink complete with the ability to search for words?

Frankly I never heard of or tried Skim. I use Apple Preview and sometimes PDFpen and I never noticed this issue. Try Preview and see if same problem.

What’s the Kind listed as in DEVONthink’s Info inspector?

How exactly do you do this? Just drag & drop?


It appears to be working fine. I must have done something wrong. Maybe I even used the old file prior to having Devonthink make the scan readable in a PDF+Text.

Sorry for the confusion and my error.


No problem!
What you seemed to be reporting didn’t make any technical sense if it was a PDF with a text layer so thanks for the follow-up.