"is not" smartgroup suggestion

Maybe there is a workaround for this, but what would be really handy (for me at least) is to have the “is not” operator available in the tags section of smartgroups.

For instance i dug thru my images database and tagged all pictures with interesting skies with a tag sky. This database is huge so i might have missed a lot. So if i could make a smartgroup that selects for all images which are not tagged sky i could easily find those not tagged yet. Of course this would also work brilliant with pieces of text or whatever you are trying to sub organise.


This would indeed be very handy.

+1 Indeed!

I agree, a method for excluding specified criteria is just as important as including it.

Perhaps another common example, I use tags to categorize my tasks. Status could be any of four different states: Not Started, In Progress, Waiting on Someone, Complete.

Obviously when I want to view my tasks, I want to see the ones that are not tagged complete.

Tom S.

Another use that I imagine is common: I store hundreds of .pdf files of journal articles in folders (that are now tags). They are organized in a few slices: method, region, and main topics. I would love an easy way to make a smart folder that had all articles on “war” but not “Europe” or all articles that are on Africa but don’t make use of formal models.

A lot of academics seem to use DTP, so I’m guessing a lot of people have similar requests.

+1 from me!!!

+1 from me too!!!

Another one. +1


Isn’t that the same as described in the HELP -> Appendix -> Boolean?

But to me it seems, that it doesn’t work! (NOT, BUT NOT, !, -)


I’d really like to know if this is ever going to be implemented… Cause I (and many others so it seems) really need this option.