Is PDF annotation broken?

First of all, great app you have there.
I tried to use PDF annotations, honestly, I’ve never used annotations for PDFs, but the implementation seems broken.

I click on Annotate, create an icon in my PDF and yellow rectangle appears on the left. I input text to Annotations panel. After that I create another annotation on the same page and my first annotation’s text disappears. When I try writing text in Annotations panel for the new annotation text is typed into both yellow rectangles for both annotations ><

This definitely looks broken.

The same happens for me. Also “notes” don’t work - there’s no way to type the note in.

If anyone has been able to get it ti work maybe they could post some pointers.

I am on Leopard (latest version).

Any thoughts on this? I’d really like to be able to use the PDF annotations…



The final release will fix this.