Is search for ‚label‘ intended to search in subgroups, too? [resolved in 3.3.2]

Hi All,
I‘ve a group with some files and subgroups containing some more files. So far so good.
If I search just for a token (‚Group‘ selected under the search field), DT2Go will find items also in subgroups, e. g. by matching file names. Still good.
In one of the subgroups there is an item with a label.
If I do a search ‚label:5‘ no results are shown. Not so good.
If I change to ‚Database‘ under the search field that labeled file appears immediatley.
If I enter that subgroup and do the search again, then the file is found, too.

Is this a bug or is a search for ‚label‘ just looking in the group but not including subgroups?

DT2Go 3.3.1

Searching for label should, like all search operators, honor your choice of Global, Database, or Group.

I can’t confirm that; in a quick test, searching part of a known file name in this group includes only records in the root of the group, not in a subgroup. The same, then, also applies to labels.

so, @eboehnisch says it should include subgroups (if I get it right), @Blanc says it doesn’t include subgroups for filenames, and I see an issue only with labels in subgroups


Do we have an issue with search in DT2Go 3.3.1?

I’m not sure if I get this correct: does your comment mean, that subgroups are included? (I would say yes, because if I search for a token, subgroups are included in the search)

Yes, we do. We’ve already fixed, for example, an issue with additional search parameters for the upcoming version 3.3.2.

Addendum: What you found, @Airestocky, is actually a bug dating back to the introduction of the filter operators and which was never reported by anyone so far. Fixed.

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Hello again :slight_smile:
thanks for fixing bugs related to search (e. g. subgroups are now included in searching) - I just upgraded to 3.3.2
Maybe I‘m still diving to deep using DT2Go :flushed:
I tried the following:

  • I‘m in the root level of one of my DBs
  • I limit search to „Database“
  • I enter „label:2“, press RETURN and get 11 results
  • then I clear the search field and enter „label:5“, press RETURN and get 12 results
  • then I clear the search field and enter „label:2 OR label:5“, press RETURN and get 0 results

Searching for „label:5 AND kind:email“ seems to work (there are results, but not cross-checked with my Mac)

Searching for „label:2 OR kind:email“ only results in one item (which is an email and labeled ‚2‘) → wrong. If I do search for „kind:email“ I get 10 results incl. that labeled one…

(all search queries are entered without „“)

While searching for tokens with OR seems to work…

In DEVONthink To Go, filter predicates like label cannot be combined using Boolean operators. Their mere presence post-filters the retrieved results. Sorry :slight_smile:

OK, got it - usually I only use Tags to org my files - it would be easy to just replace the labels by Tags and then being able to use full search - but I do like that „visual effect“ by those colored labels :man_shrugging:t2:

Will see how to handle this, thanks for your quick response. I‘m aware that Tags can be colored, too, but this is available on Mac only, as I know.

Yes, colored tags are available only on the Mac at the moment. But we know that it’s something we want to bring over to iOS eventually.