Is standard edition sufficient if …

I have been searching paperless office apps and pretty much have settled on Devonthink. Stuck on which edition between standard and pro. I already own Abbyy FineReader for Mac. Scanner is an old portable Scansnap. So, by choosing pro, I feel like I’m just paying for OCR software twice. I don’t really feel the need for imprinter or concordance for my home office needs. I use Obsidian for notes, and I don’t think I will store them in Devonthink. My primary email is Tutanota so I don’t know how helpful the email archive feature would be as it seems to work most efficiently with Apple Mail. Would anyone let me know their experience? Would I be making a mistake going with standard? What am I not aware of? Thank you!

No, because you can upgrade later if you choose to - at no additional cost when compared with purchasing Pro from the outset.

See how you go; I use custom metadata and OCR (and not just for records coming from my scanner), so Pro is essential for me. If you are happy performing OCR outside DT and are not looking to use custom metadata, then from what you’ve written, it sounds like the Standard edition is well worth trying :slight_smile:

DT offer a generous trial period; see which functions you use and purchase accordingly when you’re done :slight_smile:

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