Is Sync in 2.5 only for complete databases?

Is the new syncing ability only for complete databases? Or is there a way to sync only a subset of a database, such as specific groups, like you can with the mobile sync?

Sync for Mac DEVONthink databases is for complete databases. If you wish to work only with sync of the contents of a specific group, for example, create a new database containing that group only.

Thanks, that’s what I thought, just wanted to make sure.

Excuse me for just jumping in here, but can I ask whether the sync with Dropbox syncs the complete database as a single entity, or whether it incrementally syncs only those files that have been added or modified within the database? I have a couple of large databases (>10GB) I’d really like to sync now that it’s available, but don’t think it would be plausible to be constantly backing up a database of that size if it’s not incremental. I’d be grateful for any advice.

Just like DropBox, the first Sync hurts. The next ones are changes.

So the 2.5 sync is the functional equivalent of putting the database in Dropbox, only safer?

In particular, I’m contrasting the DevonThink To Go approach of using a designated Sync folder.



I suppose you could look at it that way but it’s technically a very different thing.

Just looking at it from the dumb user perspective. I know there’s a lot more than that going on under the covers.