Is the following safe?

Hi all,

I have a number of pdfs without text (i.e. without OCR) in my database. I’d like to OCR these in the most convenient and safe way with another application (because I don’t have DTP Office).

If I find the file in DTP, and choose to Open With another application (Acrobat), do OCR there, save the file, the OCR’d file replaces the un-OCR’d file in my DTP database. And now the pdf is searchable. I’ve done this, and it worked.

The question is whether this practice is safe. I believe that in some cases tampering with the database using other applications can be bad news. In the scenario I have outlined are there any obvious risks?



Allow me to reformulate the question.
Can a pdf in the DTP database be modified with another application safely?


That’s supported since v2. But if DEVONthink isn’t running concurrently, you might have to apply File > Synchronize afterwards.