Is the New Sorter Scriptable?

Quick analysis of DT3’s AppleScript dictionary and object model shows it is not… Please, tell me I’m wrong

The Sorter isn’t scriptable. What exactly do you want to script? E.g. there are already commands to create new items or to download web documents.

E.g. append text to the body of existing sorters’ text (if it differs from what was previously added, or adding some markdown formatting), change Name, Format or Location. See if Sorter is at the front or not (for KM macros) and the like

Thanks for the reply! And what’s the goal of the macros?

E.g. to close the sorter with the same keys, not with Esc )

I use the sorter also for clipping some texts from different sources with my comments to each copied block. All this session goes to one MD file. So with each block I add smth like: