Is the there any equivalent to the Houthakker "Sente 6 Notes to Devonthink" script for Bookends?


I used to use a modified version of @houthakker’s “Sente 6 Notes to Devonthink” script, to get my notes from Sente into Devonthink with tags and Sente citations. Following the demise of Sente, I switched to Bookends, and I am wondering if there is a similar script for Bookends?



There is File > Import > Reference from Bookends in the Pro and Server editions.
There is also Data > New from Template > Education > Reference (from Bookends).

Whether they provide all the same functions, I cannot say.

Thanks @BLUEFROG. I was aware of the import references from Bookends script (I have the pro edition of DT). Unfortunately it doesn’t have the functionality that @houthakker’s script had, which created a RTF file in Devonthink for each notecard in a given Sente reference.

I’ve written a similar “Papers to DEVONthink” script to transfer notes & highlight annotations (incl. the PDF & publication metadata) from Papers 3 to DEVONthink. Since Bookends is scriptable, this script could likely be adopted to work with Bookends instead of Papers. In fact, I had plans to adopt the script to Bookends but so far couldn’t find the time to do so. But maybe the script can serve as blue print for someone else…

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@msteffens - That script looks interesting - It is 3 years old - do you know if it works with DT3?

I don’t have DT3 so I’ve yet to try the script with DT3, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work with it.

On newer macOS systems (which impose scripting access restrictions), it may be required to compile the script from source, though.

OK I will give it a try- thanks

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I don’t have DT3

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