Is there a 1 button 'import from scanner' option for tbar?

Trying out DPTO today with a Canon 500LIDE scanner and it’s all working fine now. But having to go File->Import->From Scanner->Capture is a real pain after about the 5th time I do it. Is there an easier way to tell DTPO to fire up the scanner and grab the document (e.g., a button I can use via Customize Toolbar (import added to the toolbar doesn’t seem to know about the scanner) or a keysequence?

Thanks for any ergonomic assistance you can offer.

– w grotophorst, fairfax, va

There is an additional toolbar button you can add to the scan window if you customise it. It will allow you to store the scanned document and immediately start a new scan. This may be of help to you.

We’re thinking about adding a keyboard shortcut, but the problem is we’re having so many already. :wink: