Is there a change log? Run on Apple silicon M1 natively?

Hey everyone! I love to stay updated with the latest features of DT but I can’t seem to find the change log. Is there a public change log?

Part of what I am looking for in the change log is to verify DT works on Apple silicon M1 chip natively. All of my current apps run on M1 natively. I don’t use rosetta.

Three places to look:

  1. In DEVONthink, click on the “Extras” icon (…) and at bottom “Releases”.
  2. in DEVONthink, Menu Help → Release Notes
  3. with favourite internet search engine “DEVONthink release notes”
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We updated DEVONthink to run natively on M-series processors before the first M1 Mac was publicly available.


Not entirely clear what you mean by not using Rosetta. The whole point of it is that it operates in the background without you knowing/needing to know whether it’s being used.

Having said that, I can’t imagine there are many mainstream apps still only releasing Intel-only builds. A useful tip if you’re interested to see what’s running on your Mac is to click the Apple menu, hold down Option, click System Information… then click Applications under the Software category. The ‘Kind’ column will show whether apps are compiled for Apple Silicon, Universal or Intel.

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