Is there a comparable software to DTS for Windows XP?

I’ve looked around, but I couldn’t found. It seems that DTS for OS X has no a genuine competitor. Or is there e even better Software in the Windows World?

Could some suggest me witch is the best way to sync with out weight of prices.

  1. ChronoSync
  2. rsync
  3. DevonSync

Danks for any help.


With DTS you mean DEVONthink? We’re not aware of similar software as we have never been forced to use Windows so far :slight_smile:

For synchronizing databases use DevonSync. For quickly copying large amounts of data from one Mac to another, use rsync.

Anmerkung: Wir haben auch ein deutschsprachiges Forum :slight_smile:

Previously called Content Saver. This software was my main web-research tool before I switched to Mac. After choosing the OS X I’ve spent a great deal of time searching for the similar software, and I’ve found the Devon Think Pro, thank heavens - an even better app.

Good luck :wink: