Is there a list of "Smart Rule Commands" available?

I am getting to grips with Smart Rules to improve the automation of my workflow without resorting to scripting.

I cannot find a list of “Smart Rule Commands”. Is there such a thing available, and is there also an explanation of which each command does, as sometimes the detail of the function is not apparent at first sight.



Check out the manual. You can type smart rule in the text field appearing when you select “Help” from the menu in DT.

Just a word of caution: Smart Rules are very powerful, so it’s easy to shoot yourself in the foot with them: Always work on copies of your documents until you’re sure that the rule does what you want.

And there are cases where a rule is not enough. Maybe you’ll never stumble upon them. But if you do, scripting might overcome the problem(s).


Where are you looking? :thinking:
Your first place is the built-in Help and manual. In this case, Appendix > Smart Rule Actions & Events.

Thanks Jim

There’s none so blind as those that cannot see.


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Happy reading !