Is there a release date for a version compatible with the Sonoma system?

Hadn’t seen this feature mentioned anywhere. Missed the big presentation and haven’t caught up. I know at least one person who’ll be very glad to know of this. Tx.

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It works for me

“There’s nothing in Sonoma worth immediately upgrading”.

In your opinion. I quite like it.


Seems to work fine on ARM Macs, not on Intel Macs. Can anyone confirm this?

ARM here.

I have absolutely no problems with Sonoma and DEVONthing 3.
NB: I don’t use the cloud and iOS versions.
iMac 2019 Intel

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Print to DT3 from Safari works fine on my Intel Mac

Printing from Safari into DT in my MBP 13 Intel TouchBar works, but as in other situations, the title is marked as “unnamed document” instead of the captured title.

Interesting - so why the different behavior?

I remember this issue with some captures in previous versions, and @cgrunenberg used to resolve it in the next build. Since I’m using the DEVONSave stuff, I’m not directly sending from Safari to DT anymore.

It works on my ARM Mac.

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