Is there a script for having DT auto-import files added to the Finder folder?

Having the same problem myself. On Import simply fails to see any changes to the indexed folder. Using the folder action works though. I’ll just go with that.

Where’s the indexed folder located? In addition, the smart rule isn’t performed while DEVONthink isn’t running.

Hey Jim,

Thank you for these instructions. I have a similar need and did as suggested first Index and then Smart Rule. When I set it up it worked OK but I have two issues:

  1. After the initial index, more files have been added to the folder and DT does not show them. (As info, these are very small json files, hourly backups, that get created automatically by a notes app called Tot)
  2. The Smart Rule Moved the items into the database and also removed them from the original filesystem folder. Is there a way to keep them in both?


You’re welcome.

  • Where is the indexed folder? In a cloud-synced location, e.g., iCloud Drive?
    • If so, you may need to periodically select the indexed parent group in DEVONthink and choose File > Update Indexed Items.
  • Move into Database does just that, moves the file into the database’s internals.

Why do you want them in both places? That would imply you want to import not index files.

It is not in a cloud-synced location it’s in the Library → Application Support folders of the app.

I did update indexed items and it did not pull the new files in.

I do want to import them and I had a Folder action working that did just that, it worked almost perfect. The only problem is that a window would pop up every time asking what DT group I wanted the new file to be imported. A solution would be to edit the Folder Action script and hardcode the group I want them to go to, but I was not able to find the correct syntax needed.

I read different posts where you recommended against the Folder Action solution so I just went with this Index & Move solution, but it isn’t working.

What’s the recommended way to import a watched folder?

EDIT: The solution I used is Folder Action “DEVONTHINK - Import” which imports into Global Inbox and from there applied Smart Rule to move it into the specific group I needed. Thank you!!

Glad you found a solution.

May I ask what you’re indexing in the Application Support folder?

Thank you Jim.

I’m importing some small json files which are backups automatically created by a notes/scratchpad app called Tot, which I use. (Highly recommended: Tot • Your tiny text companion) Tot creates a backup every hour, automatically, into an Application Support folder.

Tot is kind of ephemeral/minimalist by design, its pages are meant to be deleted and reused. I want to save all the hourly backups so that I can review them some day in the future. Just to see how my notes and thinking changed overtime.

No problem :slight_smile:

So you’re just indexing Tot’s App Support folder, not the entire Application Support directory, correct?

Correct, I’m actually importing one subfolder that’s inside Tot’s App Support folder. I

Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile: