Is there a solution to remove a stamp?

Hi together
Last days i played around with DT3.
I created a stamp:

"Bezahlt am: %CurrentDate%"

and placed it on a PDF Invoice.
So far, so good.

But: How can I remove the stamp again? I did not find any solution, or am I blind?

Greetings from
Dieter (Germany)

You can’t remove the imprint from the file. That’s why there is an option in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Imprinter to duplicate the file before imprinting.

Is there a way for a smart rule to tell which is the original and which is the imprinted copy?

I’d like to be able to imprint a file, then move the imprinted version to its destination group, and move the original somewhere else and automatically delete it after a set period — helpful when debugging new smart rules, but without leaving a giant mass of originals that need to be manually purged.

You could use a smart rule to both imprint a file and move it to the desired group. If you want to easily find or process imprinted documents again afterwards, then it might a good idea to add e.g. a tag or custom metadata in the smart rule too.

Thanks, but what I want to know is how to do something with the non-imprinted original after the imprint’s been made.

Example: A rule imprints an invoice with “Paid on 2019-08-05” and moves it to the appropriate group, but then moves the original to the “Original Documents” group. A second rule deletes anything from the “Original Documents” group that has not been modified in the last month.

In this situation, how does the rule perform one action on the imprinted document, and a different action on the original? Is this a case where a script would be necessary?

This should work:

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You could try to remove the stamp in PDFPen Pro: Select Text > Edit Text > Remove Text