Is there a way to change the default columns?

Is there a way to change the default columns in Yojimbo?

The defaults are Name, Modified, Kind, Size, and URL.

I’d like the defaults to be: Name, Kind, Size, Created.

I can’t find a way to set this, and it’s the default on every single view, everywhere, I go mad changing them. I know there’s a way to set the columns that can and can’t be shown, but I can’t find a way in the (better than Dt2, but still very complex!) UI and settings.


LOL. “In DEVONthink” :-/

Just drag them

List view columns can be customized via the contextual menu of the header of the list.

Correct. Unfortunately, this has to be done for pretty much every view in every database. Every default has the same defaults (name, modified, size, URL). I can spend 15 seconds selecting, deselecting, and moving them.

But doing this 500 times is really tedious. Hence a desire to set the defaults (like you can do in Finder :wink:


It should be only necessary to customize the List view columns once per database.

Ah, yes, it does appear to be true per database.

However, it looks like every Smart Group and Smart Rules section is independent. And things like the Tags window are independent. It’s still like 30+ views that need to be customized independently at the moment.

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This is correct and actually intentional as different sidebar items quite often need a different setup.