Is there a way to check whether two or more databases are identical?

Does DEVONthink provide a way to check whether a copy or backup file of the database is identical?

I am not referring to any indexed files but the database itself and it’s imported documents/files.

I currently use a SHA checksum to compare files, which should provide that functionality I think, but I was wondering whether DEVONthink could do this as well.

DEVONthink doesn’t have such a feature. A simple approach could be to compare the database statistics (see File > Database Properties). Or to use the result of Scripts > Export > Listing…

OK, thanks.

I’m not sure whether other users have a need for this, so proposing it as a feature request would be a bit farfetched I guess.

Might you see this as a useful feature, as you probably are aware of shasum is available in all macOS versions AFAIK. It has various options to perform an integrity check of files.

Come to think if it: would it be useful to publish a hash of the installer on the DEVONthink website, to provide users some extra trust when downloading from there?

Then again, if I understand correctly from previous posts, DEVONthink publishes signed (and perhaps notarized?) installers. So macOS basically should check the hash of your developer certificate if macOS security settings only allow for known sources, correct?

Our apps are indeed code-signed and notarized.

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