Is there a way to clip web pages from a linux machine?

While my primary use of DT is on my mac, i do plenty of reading on my ipad and my linux desktop too

I mainly use DT to clip and store webpage archives

While DTG serves admirably well on the ipad, is there a clipper plugin ala evernote that i can use in the browsers on my desktop?


No, there’s no such plugin (yet) as this would require some kind of servers handling this. One workaround might be to store bookmarks in a cloud folder (e.g. Dropbox) and to index this folder on the Mac. And DEVONthink 3 could then convert these bookmarks to the desired format via smart rules or AppleScript.

thak you. will experiment.

When I must clip from windows (for example), I clip con external tools (PrintPDF for example). Once I have the PDF, I go to and I have a synchronized folder in iCloudDrive with a “Fast Action” (sorry, my Macs are in Spanish and I don’t know the English name) that is to move the files put there into DT.

When one of my Macs wakes up for any reason, the combination of DT and file system automatically moves the file into DT. Some times this happens in ten minutes, sometimes it happens after some hours.

thank you! yes that is an excellent idea :slight_smile:

i want it in a web archive like dt and evernot do it, but if i cannot get something like that to work, i’ll just do this :slight_smile:

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