Is there a way to find out when the metadata of a document was last changed?

As far as I can tell, changing the following properties on a document in DEVONthink 3.9.4 does not cause the Modified date value to be changed:

  • add or remove tags
  • change the label
  • change the rating
  • geolocation value

(There may be others.) Is that indeed the case? Is there any other timestamp on a document stored or indexed in DEVONthink that could be queried to find out when a document was updated in any way (including changes to the metadata)?

Editing or annotating the document changes the Modified date, of course. Here I’m specifically asking about metadata kept by DEVONthink about the document, in situations where the user changes a value without editing or annotating the document itself.

No, there are no user-accessible properties regarding such modifications, e.g., when a rating was changed.

Thanks for your super-fast reply!

You’re welcome.