Is there a way to import Mail to DTPO and put a tag on it?

Hello. I am trying to import emails into DTPO. I am using the plugin from DTPO: I am selecting the email(s), going to Message > Add to DEVONthink Pro Office and I am provided with a window to select which DB I want to add the selected email(s) to, and where (e.g., folder group, etc). But I don’t see an area where I can attach tags as I do when I select a document and use the Services > Add to DEVONthink Pro Office, or when I copy a webpage from FireFox or Safari.

Am I missing something here (I checked Preferences and did not see anything that suggested I needed to select this feature, but perhaps I missed it! :blush: )?

In advance, many thanks for your help.

Currently, tagging from this process is not supported. This may be included in future releases.

Many thanks BLUEFROG for your reply. I do hope this is included in a future release. Have a great work week.

Not true not possible merely not possible with the method mentioned.

From Apple Mail, use one of the standard OS X dialogs: File > Save As … > Format [Raw Message Source / RIch Text Format / Plain Text], or File > Export as PDF … or File > Print > PDF > Save PDF to DEVONthink. In the first two cases, the normal OS X dialog will allow you to add Tags. In the last case, if you have see DEVONthink > Preferences > Import > Destination > Set Group then the DEVONthink group selector dialog will open an allow you to set tags.

Korm, thank you so much for such an excellent work-around. This is hugely helpful, considering the number of emails that I want to quickly import, tag, and file into a group (vs having to import them into an inbox and then go into DTPO to go through them again to tag). Thank you again!! :smiley: