Is there a way to jump to or query the Reading List via Shortcuts or URL schemes?

I don’t think there is, but I’m asking in case I missed it.

Use case: it’d be great to put a button on the homescreen to open the Reading List directly, or, better, to be able to query items on the reading list in order to filter them/present them in lists/etc.

If this doesn’t exist, consider it a feature request! Maybe the Reading List could be added to the list of Scopes in Shortcuts actions, or the item: parameter could include readinglist as a possible value.




It works! Magic! :magic_wand:

This isn’t in the help docs on DTTG, unless I missed it. I swear I searched thoroughly. At least, I think I was thorough.

I still think it’d be nice to be able to query these items via Shortcuts/URL schemes, but this is great. Thanks, Pete!

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Just long-press the Reading List and choose Copy Item Link. iOS and “discoverability” seem to be antipodes :wink: