Is there a way to Link to Audio In iTunes

Is there a way to link to files in iTunes and have the link in DTPO open the original file from the contextual menu.

I’ve tried using services, and although a link is created is appears to be inactive - ie doesn’t respond when you click on it within DTPO.

I’ve tried dragging the entry from iTunes into DTPO. This creates a link back to iTunes, which when clicked in DTPO brings iTunes to the front but doesn’t activate or focus the file in question.

Are there any ways of accessing audio files within iTunes?
The reason this would seem to be generally important:
Usage Scenario: A lot of knowledge and information is promulgated through podcasts and videocasts so this would seem to be an important link to make.


Update Saturday; January 3, 2009 10:52 AM
I found a way to make this work. If I use iMedia Browswer as the source and drag files into DTPO the audio is recognized and plays when the file name is selected within the DTPO list.

i’m very interested in this. At the moment i’m writing an Applescript that makes a note in DevonThinkPro with the Titel/Album/Composer/etc. and the player position of the current track in iTunes.

Then i add a textnote below this information.

Of course it would be great if i could just click and iTunes would start playing this track at the specified position.

Might this be possible by attaching a script to the note? Can an Applescript attach a script to a note?

Let me know if anyone has any ideas about this…

Best regards, Louise.

I added a script that adds a note about the current iTunes track to DEVONthink to the scripting forum:

It’s already possible to index the whole iTunes library and to create thumbnails (based on album art) on demand (via Data > Thumbnails > Create). Playback is using Quick Look and therefore album art and basic information like author, album etc is displayed.

Yes, i know. But my usage scenario is different.
Imagine you listen to a podcast. Around minute 23 they talk about something you want to remember/transcribe later. So i want store a kind of bookmark/note in DevonThink that reminds me about that. Now it would be nice if i could click a link in this bookmark/note and the podcast starts playing at minute 23.

But it can be done very well manually of course 8)