Is there a way to make the unread feed articles more noticable?

In this image the “EU-US data sharing…” article is unread and to me is barely noticable. Is there a way to make it noticeable perhaps adding a " · " to the front or highlighting in a different color for the read maybe darker grey.


The selected article is actually read, the second one is unread. Did you hide the Flags column?

The flag column exists in the preview modes except for widescreen. When I change to show that column none are flagged.

Here is another view, there is another unread under dark reading but quickly scanning takes some effort to identify quickly. If I am watching all day this will be eye strain.

Should the Flags column be visible? At least it’s not part of the screenshot and would make things more obvious. By the way, you could use Go > Next Unread Item (or press Cmd-Return) to quickly jump to the next unread item.

Yes, the flag column works but I cant find a way to show it in the widescreen view mode shows in the other two. The shortcut CMD-Return is nice thanks for sharing that.

Ok, so many options makes this thing great. Always learning and been ‘using’ DT for years. Widescreen preview — View > List Columns > Flag. This adds the column flag and solves my issue.

Thanks for the help in this…

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