Is there a way to quickly assign aliases to groups?

I know how to assign an alias by click on Group → Get Info → enter Alias, but it is tedious when there are close to 100 Groups I want to assign aliases to.
I was wondering if there is a quicker way.
I was also wondering if there is a way to print a list of all groups and their alias as 2 columns side by side.
thanks in advance for your time and help

The Info inspector might be more efficient than using the Info popover. But assuming that the aliases are unique, batch processing or smart rules aren’t an option.

You could print List view using only the Name & Aliases columns.

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all clear. Thank you

Sorry to bother you.

I am about to create an alias for about 150 Groups.
Your suggestion of List View with the inspector open is an excellent approach.

My question is: I was going to structure alias names so that they don’t overlap with item names but adding the prefix “$” in front of the alias name. For example $dev for my “DevonThink Synopsis” Group.

Before embarking on this project, I just want to make sure that I am using a good alias syntax. What do you think of using $alias. I would be happy to adopt a better solution you may suggest.

vielen Dank

There’s actually no recommended or best syntax. The only limitation is that ; and , are used to separate multiple aliases.

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thank you

it’s me again !
Once again, I want to make sure that my alias syntax is optimal.
For multi-word aliases, what is most intelligent and practical:
“$DevonThink Synopsis” (2 words with a space) or $DevonThinkSynopsis or $DevonThink-Synopsis or another version ?
vielen Dank

For DEVONthink that doesn’t matter at all. In the end it depends on your personal usage of the aliases (e.g. for tagging or wiki linking?).

could you give a reference on using aliases for wiki linking ?
seems interesting but I have no clue on the relation between an alias (a word) and a link
thank you

So far it’s still unclear what’s the purpose of your aliases. But DEVONthink uses aliases only for tagging & Wiki linking. Therefore a tag A long and wordy name having the alias whatever can be entered using the alias when tagging (e.g. in the Info inspector or the Tags bar). Wiki links based on names & aliases work the same, it doesn’t matter whether you use the name or alias in the plain/rich text or Markdown document.


thank you very much and thank you for your patience