Is there a way to show columns in the Item list while in "widescreen" (side-by-side) mode?

I can’t seem to see anything but the document title when I am in widescreen mode. I really like the side-by-side layout, but I need the columns so I am stuck using the standard view mode which is less ideal on my large monitor.

Widescreen mode is actually not identical to side-by-side mode. Do you e.g. use list view in widescreen mode? In this case the columns can be customized via View > Columns.

When I View→as List and View→Widescreen are both checked I do not see columns in the list area. If I switch from Widescreen to Standard my columns appear.

I do not see any “side-by-side” options on any of the menus; I was just using that to describe the Widescreen layout. Am I missing something?

Nevermind, I figured it out by using the View→Columns sub-menu. I had just assumed my shown columns would be consistent across Standard and Widescreen.

Thank you for your help.

The settings are indeed independent as the available space is quite different. By default widescreen mode only shows the names.